Wish #11

I wish that all my friends would go out today and vote. I wish that the friends of my friends would go out and vote.

I wish that the friends of my friends would make new friends who would go out and vote.

Unless you live in Canada. Then you are excused from voting.
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Wish #10

Unbelievable how busy I've been lately. So I'm dusting off the old wish theme.

Wish #10 is to live on a Martian calendar. I could use the extra 30-odd minutes in a day.

Here is a nice site with a graphic of stars orbiting the center of our galaxy on the top right. (Takes a while to load). Notice that the stars follow the pattern of an elliptical orbit; they speed up as they near periapsis (closest point to the object that they're orbiting), and then slow as they reach the apoapsis (farthest point).

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Wish #9

To finish revising the novel by Worldcon.

Oh wait....

It's totally done already!

Hee. I'm so awesome at the deadlines.
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Go fish

Went to the aquarium today. Highlights include:

• An unusually active pair of moray eels. (Usually they just sit there with heads poking out of the rock, but these were swimming freely, with lovely ripples and a menacing air.)

• The tank full of Nemos and Dorys. Every kid from 2 to 20 called them that when they walked up to it. Apparently, Disney is the greatest source of oceanic knowledge for the average American. I did my part:
Daughter: Look, a Nemo!
fishywish: Yes, that's a clownfish.
Daughter: Nemo!
fishywish: I know. That's a clownfish, just like Nemo.
Daughter: Look, it's Dory!
fishywish: Yes, that's a (reads label) palette surgeonfish.
Daughter: Dory! Nemo!
fishywish: (Sigh) That's Dory and Nemo, all right. Want to go see the jellies?

• Getting to the shark tank right before feeding time. They totally know it's feeding time, because they're extra active. One of the little rays was so excited he practically jumped out of the tank, terrifying a little boy. Not mine, fortunately. The crowd was very impressed.

• The jellyfish. Because jellies are always awesome.

Now to figure out how to work the spotted garden eels into one of my stories, because they're just too cute. link

Wish #8

Could someone please do something about the weather?

Mr. Monkey's Paw, I'm looking at you. (And you owe me from last time)

106 yesterday when we left the house to go swimming at a friend's. But it was 108 at the pool, and after the swim in water that was not cold enough, we went back into our friends' house and a fuse in their A/C was blown. The benefits of the swim dissipated in minutes. Not sure what the high temp was at our house, but it was 87(!) at midnight.

It put me in mind of a story by Ursula LeGuin, Schrödinger's Cat.

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Plan for the day: stay inside and baby the A/C. That is all.
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So, you blink and weeks have gone by, and your journal has not been updated even though you can't put your finger on what precisely you've been doing with all your time.

And then you remember *bing* Summer.

So when you're a kid, you get used to having summer off from school, and then you start working, and you grumble, but you get used to working during the summer, because that's what adults do, and then you have kids in school, and they're off during the summer, but you're still trying to work, and that's when things get really hairy. Because now that they're kicking back you think, hey, maybe I should kick back, but the result is anarchy.

< Smile >

Summertime. 104 degrees. Air conditioning. Barbecues. Swimming pools. Movies. Sleeping late.

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Novel update

It's done. First draft finished, plot plotted, character arcs resolved, chatting concluded.

Words: 68,366
Chapters: 31

Status of novel: Drafted!


Maybe I should set myself deadlines more often.

Thanks to all for your encouragement to keep at it during the long uphill slog.

Now, to catch up on critiques...
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