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Ashes, ashes

An early start to fire season in CA (March!) meant that my day at the big D with the young padawan and the princess-in-training was surreal. We stood in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride while flakes of white ash from the nearby Anaheim Hills fire drifted down onto the crowd. Lots of out-of-staters who looked up and said "Snow!" and then realized it wasn't.

The light was the wrong color.

The burning smell would come and go.

I've been around wildfires before, and this one wasn't really that close, but it was so strange. Just before you go into the Pirates building, you are standing above the back and forth of the queue. I looked down, and every person below me had at least one fleck of ash on their hair or shoulders. And we went about our business of recreation. The fire was outside, and we were inside.

I don't think this effect is only limited to certain amusement parks in Anaheim. Is it denial or resilience that allows us to go on when things around us are burning?

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